Sustainability is simple

 Here at Mila-London, sustainability is at the core of what we do. That’s why we have focused on eco-friendly packaging with all of our products. By using 100% recycled, biodegradable mailing bags we are striving to tackle packaging waste. We love trees and will continue to work on reducing packaging materials.

Care comes first

When you wash your Mila-London product, set your washer to "cold/warm" to save energy. Wash at no higher than 20°
It’s no secret that dinners can get messy. If your tablecloth or napkin is marked in one area, don’t hesitate to use that spot cleaner! 

Zero waste is our goal

All left-over fabric is used for our pretty and reusable cloth bags which we deliver our linens and throws in.
Mila-London seeks to partner with suppliers who share our vision of sustainability. Our standard for safe and non-toxic materials is met by our carefully chosen suppliers.

The Finest Fabrics

Linen is made from flax and uses no water and emits 1/4 of carbon as cotton. Linen is strong, crisp, and very kind to the planet.
Cotton is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable. Cotton is also an environmentally friendly fiber.
Our fabrics are washed before production creating a soft and sometimes crumpled effect. Your tablecloth and napkins may have some irregularities on
the printed fabric. Don’t worry, these irregularities are normal and add to the uniqueness of our product. 

Our ceramics are entirely one-of-a-kind 

Because each plate is handmade, no two items are alike. There may be slight imperfections in each plate, which adds to the pleasure of owning a bespoke, handmade ceramic.