Should I buy from the gift list or choose something else?

Opinions are split on this. You can’t go wrong if you buy from the list because you know whatever you choose will be something the newlyweds want and need! However, if you feel you’ve found the perfect present elsewhere, it’s not a total faux pas to give it. BUT do your research first and follow the rules below!

Gifting a present not on the registry - Dos and Don’ts!

Gifting a present off-list can be a good move but don’t do it simply because you want to be original, they have created a list for a reason! Follow these rules before committing to the wrong thing:

  1. Do your research. Don’t buy them a set of napkins if you can see 12 napkins have already been purchased from their list.
  2. Don’t give them your favourite tablecloth design without thinking what might work for them. Check their kitchen colour scheme with a friend or sibling before giving something that works in your home but not theirs.
  3. Don’t go bespoke! Personalised gifts have a limited lifespan and are much harder to enjoy for generations to come.
  4. Do include a gift receipt. Items bought from the registry are exchangeable; off-list items should have the same flexibility.

The prices and items on a gift registry vary so much, how do I choose?

Start with a rough idea of what you’d like to spend. It’s always nicer to give one complete present versus half a set of tumblers for example. If there’s an expensive present you like the look of, try and club together with friends to buy the full gift. I tend to select an item that I like the look of, it must be aesthetically pleasing to me! If I am feeling practical I will pick crockery as I know this is something that will get everyday use, but at the same time, isn’t it fun to be spontaneous and select something that is more of a luxury?! Knowing I am buying the couple a gift that they might not necessarily buy themselves, yet it is still something they have chosen, such as a linen tablecloth or beautiful ceramic, fills me with such joy.

Think of the lifespan of the gift

Owning a tabletop brand we consider the investment. The quality has to be top notch and the design should be multi seasonal. We hope to have achieved both. All of our designs, cottons and linens, can be dressed to look the part in both Winter and Summer, Thanksgiving or Easter, a picnic or simple dinner party. Versatility and long-term use is key when choosing a gift.

What’s hot on wedding lists today?

You may have already spotted Mila-London designs when browsing a friend’s registry via our partnership with The Wedding Shop and the Wedding Present Company. Our cotton tablecloths and linen napkins are the leading choice for couples so far. Here’s a snapshot of the most popular items…

Choose The Wildlife Linen Collection for memories of exotic travels

 The Wildlife Collection Linen

Cotton napkins are a huge hit, we love Kashan

The Kashan Collection Cotton

Your No. 1 favourite design: English Garden Linen Napkins
English Garden Vintage Linen Napkin
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